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Our mission is to raise funds to support the Christian values and quality education offered by St. Thomas of Villanova School (STV School). We do so by seeking charitable gifts, which are used by STV School in accordance with priorities established by the St. Thomas administrators.



Foundation Vision Statement


Our vision is to create ongoing financial support and legacy funding by inspiring alumni and friends, creating strong alliances and promulgating the successes and positive influences STV School has on it graduates. STV School is a leader in providing quality education and early life experiences for so many within Palatine, Illinois and surrounding communities.

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“STV was instrumental in both my educational and emotional development. It truly was a community that nurtured and developed each and every student and laid the foundation for success later in life. St. Thomas was an extension of each of our family lives in that the things we were taught in our homes were reinforced during our time at school. The result of this consistent approach to life, not just education, taught us individual responsibility, mutual respect for others, and the value of community. These are the basic tenets that have served me well throughout my life. St. Thomas laid the foundation that has allowed me to be successful first at Loyola Academy, then Georgetown University and University of Chicago, and ultimately in my career at Goldman Sachs and DRW. Most importantly though, STV infused in me a sense of right and wrong, provided discipline and structure, and created a sense of self worth and confidence that I strive to instill in my own children today. The adage "It takes a village to raise a child" is embodied by St. Thomas as it builds the leaders of tomorrow.”


Jason Urban – Head of US Equity Index Trading at the DRW Trading Group

Class of 1990




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