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"The value of Catholic education is at times difficult to put in words. Learning about our Catholic faith during daily religion class is important and valuable, but Catholic schools provide so much more. It is the regular school masses in which children have an active role as they pray with their teachers and friends. It is the immersion during second grade as they prepare on a daily basis for their First Holy Communion. It is praying before meals and for special intentions. It is teaching them how to integrate their faith into their everyday lives.  St. Thomas provided this important faith foundation to me many years ago. I am grateful to my parents and all of the teachers that so willingly provided this religious instruction. I am so blessed that my husband and I are also able to send our four children to Catholic schools. We strive to live our faith on a daily basis."


Kristen K. Brown, M.D. - Pediatrician in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Class of 1983

"St. Thomas of Villanova equals academics and much more. Here at St. Thomas we are concerned with the whole child, academics, spiritual, physical, and emotional well being.  These components are all important in the child's growth as a Christian student.  I have worked at St. Thomas from 1980-2012, and I have witnessed the growth of these students and development."


 Helene Behrman (Mrs. "B") - Retired Teacher,

1st and 3rd Grades and Junior High



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“I taught Jr. High Language Arts for 21 years at St. Thomas of Villanova School and retired in 2005. As I think back, I can say that my experience at St. Thomas was a very positive, enriching one.  Our challenging curriculum provided my students with the necessary tools to be successful in high school and beyond.  Just ask any of them how to diagram a sentence or write a research paper and then ask...who taught them? It was a very nurturing faith based environment whose sole goal was ensuring our students experience a well rounded education. It was a privilege to help them reach that goal and I think St. Thomas, with the help and involvement of their parents, did a splendid job.”


Carole Parsons – Retired Teacher, 7th and 8th Grades



“St. Thomas of Villanova elementary school provided me with the academic, spiritual and social foundation necessary for success in high school and beyond. To this day, I still recall and appreciate the challenging curriculum, masses with Fr. Rowley, and lifelong friendships formed at STV.”


 Tim Kenesey - CEO of Medical Protective

A Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary

Class of 1981

"In a dual role as both teacher and a parent at St. Thomas of Villanova for 24 years, I continue to witness the high academic standards that earned us recognition as a Blue Ribbon School.  Our dedicated faculty continues to utilize the latest technologies in the classroom, incorporating innovative lessons to instruct and challenge individual learning strategies.  We continue to provide unique learning experiences, including outdoor field trips, community field trips, citizenship, leadership, service, and teamwork.  Taught in a safe environment characterized by respect and encouragement, St. Thomas academics provide a head start for our students."


 Mary Brinkman – Physical Ed. and Health Teacher

Since 1988

"I was fortunate to have attended St. Thomas.  I received a wonderful education both in and out of the classroom. The St. Thomas experience instilled strong Catholic values in me and helped shape me as a person. The school's families, faculty and students were a closely knit group and we all knew each other.  We were there for each other.  I’m sure it’s still like that today.  I have nothing but fond memories of St. Thomas – attending daily mass during Advent and Lent, first Friday mass, boy scouts, sports, altar serving and, most importantly, lifelong friendships that endure to this day."


 Brian Hake - Executive Vice President at Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc

Class of 1973


"I loved St. Thomas.  Yes, it was an outstanding education, and safe, comforting sense of order, and discipline.  But more than that, it was the sense of family.  Teachers and administrators and sisters and priests knew you and knew your family.  The modest size of the school made for close relationships between friends.  I am still in touch with some of those classmates to this day.  I feel for them - and even those with whom I haven't spoken in years - an affection born of a wonderful, special shared experience at St. Thomas."


Keith Larson - Mid-Morning Personality, WBT Radio, Charlotte NC

Class of 1970

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